3 Ways to Increase Laptop Security While On-The-Go

Physical Security   There are ways to lock your laptop down from outside of the machine. First, be sure that your laptop bag is always on your person, or that you use a padlock to keep the zipper securely closed. Most work benches at the airport have legs that you can easily secure the carry

Environmentally Responsible Technology

  Within the last few years, NetDr has worked hard to minimize our ecological footprint as well as our clients’. We are now committed, more than ever, to being at the forefront of efforts required by the #ParisAgreement. - Within the last 5 years, we have reduced the use of paper by 95%. Most of

3 Ways to Stay Secure When Using the Cloud

Don’t Be Silly with Passwords   Passwords like your birthday, “12345”, or “Password1” are no good. The Wall Street Journal recently published a list of the most used passwords – and it is scary. If you have a password that is on this list, change it. The hackers and bad guys are going to try this first.

3 Browser Extensions for Safe and Secure Browsing

AdBlock Plus   While you surf the world wide web, there are certain things that track your information and compile it into a database. These “things” are better known as scripts. Scripts are invisible to the visitor's eye, but their availability within the code of a website defines how the website behaves in response to

5 Ways to Stay Secure Online

Hook up to a network that you know.   Free Wi-Fi is tempting, but be sure that you consider who is providing the connection. Public connections at the local coffee shop are usually unsecured and leave your machine open to outsiders. While these networks provide a convenience, there are risks to be aware of.   Bank and

4 Ways to Prepare for a Data Disaster

Talk to Your IT Provider.   This is your go-to, and where to begin the conversation. An IT provider can provide a risk assessment, and then offer solutions to save you from data loss. Think of the spreadsheet you have been working with for months. It would be a shame if it were gone forever.

4 Tools for Employees Who Spend Too Much Time in Front of a Screen

f.lux®   Research shows that that blue light emitted from screens and monitors can interrupt sleep patterns. If you are on your phone or computer well into the evening, or close to bedtime, you may have experienced this firsthand! f.lux is a browser extension that adjusts the color of your computer's display to adapt to the time of day –

4 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life and Charge

Keep the Vents Clear   Never ever sit your laptop on a couch cushion, or on a mattress, or anything soft that hinders airflow through the little slot on the bottom and sides of your machine. Those vents can suck up dust and debris, clogging up the fans and causing your laptop to work harder.