medical-recordsOptoVault Covers All Your Data Types

– Medical Devices Images and Databases

– Officemate and ECR Vault information

– Accounting information


OptoVault Security

Files are secured using 256-bit AES encryption and a private encryption key.  SSL technology is used in data transmission.


OptoVault Recovery Time

Full snapshots allow for quick recovery and minimized down time.


OptoVault and HIPAA Compliance

OptoVault can help organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements, specifically those of the Security Rule. OptoVault
is a cloud backup, archiving and recovery solution that automates the process of securely backing up electronic data and
file recovery. It was created, with healthcare providers in mind, to satisfy the broad need for a safe, reliable, and cost effective
method of backing up data offsite and allowing full file restoration at any time from any authorized location.