“The systems that Net Doctor has put in place are helping everyone in our office work more effectively as a team.
And many of these systems are valuable management tools for me. When I’m working in Fayetteville, I can still monitor patient or business issues at Piedmont.
And I’ll admit that even when I’m on vacation, I want to stay in touch, and I’m glad to have the remote access to records and information.
Net Doctor helps me control costs because I can budget for the service contract, and I don’t need someone on staff to manage IT. There are also long-range benefits that impact the cost of running a practice. For example, I count on Net Doctor to help us stay compliant with HIPAA. They’re on top of the ever-changing technology. And that’s becoming more and more important with changing healthcare regulations.
The high level of IT support Net Doctor gives our office really allows us to serve our patients better.”

Dr Lynley Durrett client

“Net Doctor has literally simplified my life! They are my IT department.
Saving time has been an enormous result for us working with Net Doctor.
They coordinate with all my vendors such as my practice management software people, the phone company, the internet provider and the cable company which has been a great help to us.
Net Doctor set up an intra-office e-mail system for our nurses and staff, our in-office  communications making us so much more
efficient than before. With all the systems in place, I can even work from home – it’s just like being in the office.
We’ve worked with Net Doctor since 2006. I count on them; I trust them to keep up with technology so I can focus on my job!”

Linda Lawson Office Manager