• Peace of mind
  • Controlled budget
  • Secure access to patient information from anywhere
  • Assurance that the practice infrastructure will be ready for an EMR implementation
  • Medical device implementation

Office Manager

  • One single contact for every technical issue
  • Ability to work from home
  • Overheads reduced with updated technology
  • Trusted technology partner to guide the practice
  • Get back time to manage the office

Billing Coordinator

  • Accounting software support

Front Desk

  • Always working
  • Remote help desk responds immediately

Technology talk:

  • Unattended access to computers and servers in less than 20 seconds
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions with 15 minutes increment backups and server virtualization in case of issue
  • Internet and VoIP connection provider
  • Cloud solutions for your practice

Why use us?

  • You save time
  • Your revenue increases
  • Your overhead decreases
  • You become more efficient
  • You can create new opportunities for business growth
  • You are relieved of the frustrations of the business aspects of medicine

Testimonialswhat people say...

“The systems that Net Doctor has put in place are helping everyone in our office work more effectively as a team.
And many of these systems are valuable management tools for me. When I’m working in Fayetteville, I can still monitor patient or business issues at Piedmont.
And I’ll admit that even when I’m on vacation, I want to stay in touch, and I’m glad to have the remote access to records and information…”
Dr Linley Durrett